About us

Our Ancestors, to matou Tupuna, the greatest seafarers of all time, have crossed the Pacific Ocean and settled islands guided by their profound knowledge of Mother Nature. As our Tupuna did, we are rooting to our islands and Ocean to be one again with Mother Nature, to hear and connect our heart beat to the rythm of the waves, to the sound of the leaves weaving thru the wind...

Nos ancêtres, to Matou Tupuna, les plus grands navigateurs de tous les temps, ont traversé l'océan Pacifique et colonisé ses îles guidés grace à leur profonde connaissance de Mère Nature. Tel que nos Tupuna l'ont fait, nous nous enracinons nos iles et dans l'océan pour ne plus faire qu'un avec Mère Nature pour que notre cœur batte au rythme des vagues et au son des feuilles se faufilant dans le vent...

We are ONE... Nous ne faisons qu'un...

E tū, e tū, e tū !

Eiaha ia mate e ia vai tatou na roto i te hau, te here e te aroha



Join our Tahitian Pirates Adventures

Organized and guided by our Moorea born and raised Tahitian guide Poema, join us on our favorites locations and discover the beauty of our islands and people in the most unique and authentic way. Choose your adventures and contact us via email for any inquiries


Haere mai Mauruuru


  • Join us during our whale season & experience the unforgettable with our Tahitian team. An unique and authentic experience driven by our love and respect for our People, our Islands, Ocean and living creatures

    Expeditions booking are open for 2024 whale season. We take small groups of 4 max to have a more respectful approach and experience for our ocean creatures and ourself.

    Dates :

    August 17,18,24,25

    August 19th-20th

    September 1,15,16,24th-28th

    Contact us tahitianpirates@gmail.com

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    Let us embark guide you in the beautiful lagoon of Moorea and share our love and passion for our ocean. Email us to book your snorkeling tours



  • Let's share some underwater adventure on the lagoon of Moorea, spearfish your dinner with our local guide and discover picturesque Moorea from and in the ocean.

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